The Ventures
The Ventures Band Members: Bob Spalding, Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee, Bob Bogle, Leon Taylor.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2008

It is the best snare drum that I have ever used. The tone quality is great, the hardware is excellent. Not only is the tone great, but it has a lot of volume, and is clean & clear. I used it for the first time this month in the studio, and everyone remarked how great it sounded.
* The above is a recommendation letter on this snare drum written by Mr.Mel Taylor when he was here for their Japan Tour in 1993.
* A warranty certificate of Snare drum carries with an autograph of Mr.Mel Taylor himself (copy) and a genuine autograph of Mrs. Fiona Taylor.
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Proposition given by Leon Taylor was "rock sound" with good projection and attack, utilizing the advantages of Canopus snare drum. We thought thinner shell could be effective in order to highlight the attach sound that Leon meant. 4 materials have been nominated for this purpose, they were 6 ply Maple with 4mm thickness, birch, brass with 1mm thickness and aluminum. Attach sound and ample feeling of 1mm thickness brass was his choice. In order to add hard outline and brightness on top of ample 1mm brass snare drum, black nickel was plated on the shell, thereby sound projection has also been improved.
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Ever since their first visit to Japan, the Ventures remain as no. 1 instrumental group on our mind. Don Wilson is an established guitarist of the Ventures. The amplifier development project with Canopus has launched with the commitment that we develop an ultimate amplifier agreeable to Dom himself. The primal goal for us upon the development of Don Wilson's amplifier was
how to substantiate "clear and big power" he advocates.
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