The Ventures
The Ventures Band Members: Bob Spalding, Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee, Bob Bogle, Leon Taylor.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2008

Vintage Rock magazine article on The Ventures

Mar, 20 2013

There is a publication in the UK called Vintage Rock.  The current issue, Winter 2013, Issue #5, in a Beatles 50th Anniversary special.  However, there are many other artists featured and The Ventures have a photo on the cover - not as big as the John Lennon photo, but very good to see!  The article on The Ventures covers 6 pages - Page 38-43 - with photos and some good information - even if some of it is inaccurate - that unfortunately always seems to happen but, when there is such a long history, facts do tend to get fuzzy!  The writer is Michael Heatley who, I have heard, has written many articles for most of the UK music magazines.  As I said, there are some incorrect facts but, all in all, this is a very nice tribute to the group.  I bought copies of this magazine at Barnes & Noble, for $14.99 each.  For anyone who is interested, I suggest you get out there fast and snap up a copy - there are a lot of other great articles in the magazine too.  I almost choked when I saw some of the photos of the vintage 1950s and 1960s dresses - I used to wear that sort of thing back in the day - makes me feel really dated!  Oh well!