The Ventures
The Ventures Band Members: Bob Spalding, Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee, Bob Bogle, Leon Taylor.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2008

Japan 2015 CDs and merchandise

Jun, 12 2015

It is getting increasingly difficult to arrange to import CDs, etc. from Japan.  I am working on trying to get copies of all the new releases from both Pony Canyon and Universal Japan.   What I think will probably happen is that I will be able to pick up copies in Japan when I make my annual visit in August.  The bad thing is - obviously - that I won't be able to sell them on the website until the end of August.  The good thing is that I will be able to get them autographed by the band which will be, I am sure, something that all the fans would love to have - given that this will be Don's last tour in Japan.  For anyone who wants to buy an autographed copy of any of these CDs, I will need a pre-order by either e-mail to me ( or by snail mail to me at Taylor, Wilson & Assoc. LLC, P.O. Box 372021, Reseda, CA 91337-2021.  I cannot give an actual price as yet but, if things don't change, I imagine prices will be similar to those offered for Japanese CDs in the past - around $30 for single CDs and proportionally more for box sets.  The releases are: the box set from Pony Canyon and the 3 different CDs on Universal Japan, as listed earlier this year.  I will be re-stocking some of the earlier CDs as well so, if there is something not currently on the website that is of interest, please tell me that as well.  Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing a T-shirt or other merchandise, please let me know.  Again, I will have to arrange to bring these back from Japan.  This is my 'special courier service' for all the fans!   Have a great summer!