The Ventures
The Ventures Band Members: Bob Spalding, Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee, Bob Bogle, Leon Taylor.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2008

Japan 2009 Summer Tour update

May, 19 2009
The tour dates for The Ventures' Japan Summer Tour 2009 have been added to the Events page.  There are a few additional dates that have yet to be added, and the total number of shows will probably be 54 this year!  A pretty tough schedule in less than 12 weeks!  For anyone who follows the tour on a map, you will be able to see that this year's itinerary takes the group from the most southern Japanese prefecture, Okinawa, on August 11 and 13, to the furthest northern city in Hokkaido - Wakkanai - on August 19 - wow!

For those of you unfamiliar with Japanese terminology and vocabulary, the locations are listed as the city and prefecture (something like a state) so that, often the city name is the same as the prefecture.  Kaikan basically means a hall or public building, Bunka means culture or cultural, Shimin means townspeople, Kenmin means prefectural people, Gekijo means theater so, when you see a venue with a name such as Shimin Bunka Kaikan, it just means the City Cultural Hall.