US Touring Group

US Touring Group

Ian Spalding

Ian Spalding started playing guitar at the age of eight by plucking along to the sounds of THE VENTURES. He was fortunate enough to receive instruction and guidance from his dad, Bob Spalding, THE 5th VENTURE.

Ian played in bands all through high school and beyond. He was a member of the band BIKERIDE for their first two records.

In 2007, Ian began a longstanding and continuing association with THE VENTURES.

He began work in the studio, helping to arrange and orchestrate. His work is prominently featured on the Japanese releases THE VENTURES PLAY THE BEATLES, THE VENTURES PLAY YUMING, and others.

He occasionally played live with the group, notably on their 2010 performance for PBS.

Growing up with THE VENTURES, Ian is well-versed in the famous style and sound of the group. He can switch from rhythm guitar to bass guitar at the drop of a hat.

In 2015, Ian was selected to replace Don Wilson as a touring member of The VENTURES. He plays rhythm guitar and bass in the current line-up.